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Ed Talks About Podcast

Jun 29, 2022

Hello Everybody

This week, Ed talks about Marvel's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. My guests discuss the plot, characters, aspects we liked and things we didn't like, the cosplay designs and more.

Feat: Mossflower Cosplay Instagram // Twitter & Ottery Khaleesi Instagram // Twitter

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Jun 22, 2022

This week, Ed talks about Nova Kyra Cosplay. I chat with Nova about her cosplay journey, what got her into cosplay, her youtube channel featuring cosplays, being a frugal cosplayer and more.

Feat. Nova Kyra Cosplay Instagram // Twitter // YouTube // Reddit

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Jun 15, 2022

Hello Everybody

This week, Ed talks about...well...anything, this is an unplanned, unscripted chat with Doc of Tasogare Cosplay and Natasha of Twisted Sisters Cosplay where we discuss hay fever, being used as a photographer, inappropriate cosplays, illegally watching tv and much more.

Feat: Tasogare Cosplay 

Jun 8, 2022

This week, Ed talks about Cosplayers in Latex. My guests chat about the appeal of wearing latex, the experience of both making and commissioning latex, the comment section and more.

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Jun 1, 2022

Hello Everybody

This week, Ed talks about Reviewing MCM London May 2022. We discuss the many aspects of MCM London, what the event offered, was it a good place for cosplayers, and more.

Feat: Kitty’s Cosplay Graphic Novel / Instagram / Artist Instagram / Twitter & Jemzamia Instagram // Twitter

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