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Ed Talks About Podcast

May 25, 2022

Hello Everybody

This week, Ed talks about the "Food And Cosplay Photographer's Room 101". We chat about what they would place in my imaginary FnC Room 101 of things they would place from the comic con, cosplayers, photographers and many more.

Let us know what you would put in my FnC Room 101!

Feat: Charlotte...

May 18, 2022

Hello Everybody

This week, Andy of Hood Cosplay take over the hosting duties of the Ed talks about Podcast. We talk about the history of this podcast, favourite subjects and moments, and a special surprise guest for Eddie.

Feat: Hood Cosplay Instagram // Twitter & Surprise Guest Instagram // Twitter

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May 11, 2022

Hello Everybody

This week, Ed talks about Marvel's Moonknight. We discuss the storyline, characters, accents, Egyptology and much more. 

Feat: Charlotte Woolrych Photography // Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // Cosplay & Jemzamia Instagram // Twitter

Music credit – Hotshot, produced by Scott Holmes


May 4, 2022

Hello Everybody

This week, Ed talks about Anxiety in Cosplay. My guests talk about what anxiety means to them, does cosplay helps with their anxiety, are they anxious during comic con and more.

Feat: Alex of Natashka Cosplay Instagram // Twitter & Mossflower Cosplay Instagram

Should you be struggling with your...